What Is Qualcomm | Qualcomm History | The success of Qualcomm

Qualcomm is a semiconductor company. Qualcomm starts Its activities in 1985. Irwin M discovered Qualcomm. By Jacobs and six other co-founders. There was a study by Qualcomm on CDMA wireless cell phone technology, which was funded by the sale of a mobile digital satellite.

A two-way satellite, known as Omnitrax. Then began a heated debate in the wireless industry. Qualcomm then released the 2G standard with a CDMA patent. Subsequently, there were multiple legal disputes, known as pricing for patent licenses required by the standard.

What Is Qualcomm,Qualcomm History,The success of Qualcomm

Over the years, Qualcomm has elaborated exponentially by selling semiconductor products in a fabless manufacturing model.

Qualcomm History

It has suffered CDMA losses in the 1990s. The reason is Qualcomm’s investment in research. In order to raise funds, the company made an initial public offering in September 1991. In that offer, they were able to raise 68 million. Again, in 1995 they sold 11.5 million shares and there they made a further 486 million profit.

The second fundraising round began mass production of CDMA-based phones, base stations, and equipment. Then, in 1995 the company’s annual revenue was $ 383 million and between 1996 it was $ 814 million. Thus slowly their success began to come.

3 years later, the Qualcomm company was restructured. At that time 700 workers were laid off but Some businesses closed to focus on their high-margin patents and chipset business. Such as base station and cell phone production.

In 2001, Qualcomm’s shares came from outside. As of 2001, Outside the United States and from South Korea. It supports Qualcomm in percent.

In December 2013, Paul Jacobs received the CEO Medal. On January 6, 2021. Cristiano Aman was appointed president and head of the chip division of Qualcomm. On January 13, 2021,

Qualcomm announced a deal for NUVIA to raise about $ 1.4 billion. NUVIA was a server CPU startup. NUVIA was founded in 2019 by former Apple and former Google architects. On March 16, 2021,

it has announced the termination of its contract with NUVIA. And another announcement was that its first product would be the laptop CPU.

Software and Technology


Qualcomm launched an email application called Eudora in 1991. By 1996, Eudora had been successfully installed on about 63 percent of PCs. Microsoft Outlook has easily embraced Eudora.

Because it is provided free for Windows-based machines by default. Qualcomm has been improved for Eudora since 2006. Eudora retired from software development in 2006.

In November 2001, the South Korean carrier adopted a system called KTFreeTel Brew. Verizon then followed Brew in March 2002 for a program called “Get It Now”. The number of Brew users reached 2.5 million in 2002 and 73 million a year later.

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In 2004, Qualcomm created a subsidiary called MediaFLO to market its FLO specifications. FLO is a forward link. Qualcomm has built the F 800 million MediaFLO network of cell towers.

Because Qualcomm wants to complement the carrier network designed for multimedia. It is now selling a wide range of FLO-based semiconductors, licenses, etc.

People know Snapdragon as a suit-on-chip (SoC) semiconductor product. Qualcomm Technologies Inc. has designed and marketed Snapdragon chipsets for mobile devices.

Snapdragon is now used in the form of chipsets in many phones. The idea is that Snapdragon gives a lot of good gaming backups.

In November 2006, Snapdragon System on Chip (SoC) made an announcement. It included the Scorpion processor as well as many other semiconductors. It included Qualcomm’s first custom hexagon digital signal processor.

The success of Qualcomm

In 2017, it has achieved great success. Qualcomm then owned 130,000 pending patents. But despite 130,000 patents at the time. Qualcomm alone had more than 1,000 patents in the early 2000s.

Qualcomm is the only investor in CDMA research and development. Qualcomm’s patent portfolio contains a wealth of assets. which is essential to CDMA technology.

Wireless technology has changed the way we manage our lives. Mobile phones have become one of the most basic needs of every human being nowadays. This would never have been possible without wireless technology.

Almost all of its credit goes to Qualcomm. Because Qualcomm is a company that makes many wireless telecommunication products and services in the world. Today it has reached the peak of development.

It makes a chip that resides in many electronic devices used in the home. They are mobiles, TVs, audio systems, etc.

In this way, since 1975 day by day it has achieved many successes. However, Qualcomm company did not achieve success. He had to struggle a lot. But today Qualcomm is a really successful semiconductor company.

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