iPhone vs Android 2022 | Android vs iOS - Which mobile platform is better in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about android vs iPhone. There is usually no more than one difference between Android and iPhone. That is their operating system.

In this case, one question that always lingers among phone users is, “Which is the best Android or iOS?”

iPhone vs Android 2022,Android vs iOS - Which mobile platform is better in 2022?

This is a really very difficult question. Because Android and iOS both are very popular operating systems in the world. Both Android and iOS operating systems have their own pros and cons. There is always a lot of competition between these two operating systems.

Operating Systems:

the iOS operating system made by Apple company.  the iOS operating system is used in all Apple phones.

Google has made Android. Many phones are using the android operating system, without iPhone. Some Huawei phones use Android as the operating system and some Huawei phones use the Huawei company’s own operating system Harmony OS.


The android google Pixel lets phones and Samsung, Oppo, Sony, and many companies add their own skin to the top for their own hardware.

IOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch are used as Apple’s mobile OS. Combined with the hardware it makes, so Apple doesn’t have to worry about having to adapt to a hundred different devices from a dozen different manufacturers.

In a sentence, there are similarities between the two operating systems. They work in different ways. Such as: making calls, sending messages, taking photos, watching movies, chatting with your friends, reading the news, managing your calendar, and much more.

Although there are many similarities between iOS and Android, there are some differences between them. Now we can discuss the difference. iPhone vs Samsung Which is Better 2022


Android has a great advantage when it comes to hardware. That is, there are many different company phones to choose from among the android phones. Samsung, The Google Pixel, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Realme etc. Many manufacturers and models are waiting for Android lovers.

There is a range available with iPhone and iOS which is divided into two parts. First, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro were launched in 2020, and the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro in 2021. Then there are models like the iPhone 11, iPhone SE, and iPhone XR that have become affordable.


As we have said, there is no difference between Android and iOS. However, there are a few key differences that need to be addressed.

Android customizable operating system: If one does not like the default SMS app or web browser, he can change it and use another SMS app or web browser. Anyone can slap widgets on the home screen and leave a gap between rows of icons. Android can be completely converted with a launcher app. Although iOS now has the ability to add widgets, it does relatively quite strict from Android.

The iPhone and iOS tend to offer a more polished, secure experience. The tendency is that they do not suffer the same slowdown and security issues that Android sometimes does. However, android phones do not always suffer.

But both are going to do a fine job of running smartphones, trying to discover features that can be found in one but not in the other.

Apps: Android vs iOS - Which mobile platform is better in 2023?

Nowadays, there are good and advanced apps available on both Android phones and iPhones. There is no such thing as a big bit of software. Moves to one platform and does not move to another.

First, there are usually many new apps or app updates on iOS. The subject is more observed in the case of games. But this app may have to wait a while longer to come on Android phones.

According to Apple and Google Apps, an iPhone user must have access to all of Google’s original apps on his iPhone. Many people use those Google apps instead of Apple’s default app. However, you can only get one app (Apple Music) on Android made by Apple.

Android vs iPhone

The Case For Android Phones:

Android phones are usually customizable. There is a choice between different devices. Andriod gives freedom to its apps. Android has a screen recorder and a call recorder that is not available on the Apple iPhone. To replace the default apps on Android Get options. With the latest iOS versions, you can now choose from a variety of default apps for services such as mail and web browsing.

Now from Apple Google’s cloud apps are considered powerful. Mail from iCloud is now usually compared to Gmail on the web. If you want to switch between devices, then it is better to choose Android.

One more aspect can be noticed in terms of built-in AI assistants. Siri is not a slouch, but Google Assistant is not behind Siri but ahead. This is an increasingly important consideration when choosing between Android and iOS, which is one of the ecosystems offers Google and Apple offer.

The Case For iPhone:

An iPhone can guarantee to be a stylish and stable smartphone. Overall, the phone’s menu and app interface are more polished than Android’s. Although Apple’s phones are placed in contrast to the top-level Android phones, it doesn’t look like much.

iPhones are definitely better than many Android phones in terms of aesthetics and interface. This is because the iPhone provides fast software updates and has a knock-on effect on its security and performance. Apple is the controller of the iPhone’s hardware and software and it is a smartphone that is generally smooth and very easy to use.

Apple doesn’t like Google to target ads using data, and most personalization settings are stored locally on the device instead of the cloud.

Mostly we had a question in our mind that, why apple products are so expensive? to know about it click here.


The Android vs iPhone question can be approached from any angle. Such as phone design, software customization options, the number of apps on each platform, anything. Keeping track at this stage has almost points compared to the two phones.

In fact, neither iPhone nor Android phone is less than the other. Again, no phone is perfect. So, in the end, it can be said that in android vs iPhone both cases iPhone and Android phones are the best.

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