The Worlds Lightest and Smallest Mobile Phone

The Worlds Lightest and Smallest Mobile Phone

The self titled modular cellular phone from the organisation Modu is set to make some critical splashes within the mobile telephone enterprise. This device it touted to be the worlds first modular cellular smartphone that may be easily custom designed to match the consumers specific needs. All you want to do is both pop your Modu right into a modu jacket or pair it with a modu mate, and you’ve got your self an entire new device. if they hype around the concept wasn’t enough, just this week the Guinness book of world facts showed that the Modu is in fact the worlds lightest and smallest cell cellphone thus far.

So at it’s middle, you are essentially caught with the maximum fundamental mobile phone you have ever seen. however attach a modu mate, and you’ve were given an entire extraordinary device. some of the modu buddies which have been confirmed up to now consist of MP4 gamers, virtual photo frames, cameras, and DECT phones. The options are basically infinite and it doesn’t appear to be Modu is seeking to close the door on any new partnerships that might lead to destiny modu mates.

And if style is more of your element, organizations like widespread tune organization are lining as much as design modu jackets, which rework your middle Modu telephone into a spread of different seems and feels. in which conventional smartphone covers and plates had their boundaries, the simplicity and layout of the Modu is making it easy for each modu jacket to present the advent that it is truely a very unique and exceptional phone.

However the hassle lies inside its middle layout. The Modu may be the worlds smallest and lightest mobile smartphone, however with out some thing on it, you’d likely have handed by using it if the creepy mall kiosk guys in which giving it away for free. also, the modular concept is splendid and all, but if the prices are not satisfactory and occasional the whole income structure of the phone is not precisely going to maintain its personal. all of the modu associates which have been confirmed to this point where pretty plenty looked after via phones like the one my dad still makes use of.

However what’s that you say? My smartphone can’t be was a virtual photo frame? it is called putting your cellphone to no longer close the display off and leaving your pictures on slideshow! besides that machine, the rest seem pretty neat so i will lay off of them, and i do should admit, the modu jacket design is clearly in reality cool, however this will come to be being a gimmick that simply does not make feel while you can purchase any of the HTC or Nokia Smartphones and have a small tool that does the entirety the Modu does and then some.

Modu is beginning their global conquest marketing campaign in Europe first, but it is predicted to make its manner over to the states in the direction of the end of this yr or early next yr. count on a overview of the device if i can manage to get my hands on one.


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