Nokia Slide Mobile Phone Review

Nokia Slide Mobile Phone Review

Classic fashion permit Down via simple mistakes

Even though initially known extra for their candy-style handsets, Finnish manufacturer Nokia has grow to be extra synonymous with slide design mobile telephones within the previous few years, thanks to its 6000 series. With its currently released 6500 Slide – that is being sold along the 6500 classic as a cellphone that receives back to fundamentals – Nokia has again raised the bar when it comes to design. sadly, this time it’s more style than substance.

First, the best information – with the 6500 Slide, Nokia has once more raised the bar in terms of how a cell smartphone should look. With its smooth layout – chrome steel finished off with discreet rubber strips for a better grip – it’s surely one of the maximum appealing slide design telephones available on the market. The sliding function itself is extraordinarily well treated, with a easy movement that’s managed by using a two-manner spring.

This clever layout keeps with how the functions are laid out externally – as an example, the micro SD enlargement slot is discovered beneath the battery cover, as with so many different models. however, the difference right here is which you don’t honestly should do away with the battery as well in case you want to upgrade your card. speak me of which, there’s a micro-USB port at the top of the handset, so connecting to other media outlets is lots simpler than some of the Nokia 6500’s competition.

Feature-smart, although it’s no slouch the 6500 does disappoint in a few regions. for instance, if you’re the usage of a Java application together with a sport or piece of workplace software, you couldn’t do both simultaneously – you need to go out one and then start the opposite one. even as this isn’t a primary catastrophe, it does mean that the use of the smartphone’s capabilities can sense as if you’ve been quick-modified.

Aside from that, even though, the functions on offer here are quite accurate for what is largely a reasonably fundamental handset. Multimedia is mainly looked after – with a blended tune player and video player that is basically an all-spherical multimedia participant, the 6500 doesn’t disappoint. With a photo equalizer allowing you to tailor your tastes in sound, it offers tremendous satisfactory, in particular thru a respectable set of headphones.

Photo pleasant on the digital camera is likewise pretty proper, in no small manner because of the fact that Nokia has allowed the 6500 to apply the Carl Zeiss optic software program normally observed on its N-series range of telephones. With its 3.2mega-pixel having a show exceptional of 2048×1536 pixels on nonetheless pictures and an similarly robust 640×480 show on video playback, pix are more than appropriate.

Unfortunately for Nokia, that’s where the reward for the 6500 ends. although it’s not the maximum high-priced of telephones to shop for, some of the features which are missing here can be determined on less high priced telephones elsewhere. as an instance, there’s no back light feature, so the display screen can appearance slightly washed out when outside. The slide feature additionally fails to car-lock the handset, which can be extremely demanding when keys are other features are used by mistake. There’s also no auto-consciousness choice while using the video function.

This is a disgrace, as standard the Nokia 6500 is a respectable enough telephone – it appears suitable, name high-quality is first rate and battery life extra than ideal at thirteen days on standby, and 6 hours communicate time. If simplest Nokia had ironed out the small faults that are on show here, they may have had another robust handset to speak of. As it is, it’s simply a median one.

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